Why choose us as your service provider?

The most truthful answer is that, right now, no one can say if you should choose us.

You will discover that we start off by asking many questions about you and your organisation so that we can establish if we are the right mentoring service provider for you or not. We need some upfront listening and learning about you before we can begin to put together a package that will suit your requirements.

Some previous clients have liked the following about us and maybe you will too:

  • We only proceed with the mentoring training or service once we are sure we are a good fit for the client and they are comfortable with us.
  • Previous clients have liked our principal mentor and his way of working with people as well as our inspiring consultants and diligent staff.
  • They have also appreciated the return on investment the mentoring programme delivered when targeted mentees transformed into key people quicker than they expected.
  • Some of our clients have attributed their financial success in part to the role of mentoring in their organisations – a real feather in our cap!
  • Our clients like the way we speak and report on progress.
  • Some clients find it helpful that our BEEE certification, tax clearance and SAQA accreditation as well as our client testimonials are current and immediately available. (Click to see testimonials)
  • Clients like the fact that they are able to contact us easily, even after hours.
  • They also appreciate our clear, transparent pricing.

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