Contents of a mentoring course

The best results are achieved when the mentor and mentee have specific areas they focus on during the period of their relationship.

These focus areas may arise from:

  • assessment results;
  • strategic focus areas important to the organisation;
  • professional growth directions the mentee can consider; or
  • personal growth directions the mentee can benefit from.

Alternatively, we can assist with the drawing up of a mentoring course that is specific to your requirements. At Mentoring Today, we work consultatively with all our clients to select specific course chapters which will deliver the most impact.

Here are just some of the chapter headings we use to construct courses:

  • Defining and differentiating mentoring from coaching and counselling
  • Mentor and mentee roles
  • Clarifying a mentee’s rights
  • Adhering to a mentoring code of ethics
  • Emotional intelligence essentials for mentors
  • A mentor / mentee agreement document
  • Wording goals for the mentee’s professional development
  • Wording goals for the mentee’s personal development
  • Conducting review meetings
  • Connecting the mentee with other helpful role players
  • Ensuring that the spirit and language used is conducive to raising sensitive issues, when necessary
  • Advising a mentee about being occupationally “street-smart”
  • Advising a mentee on ways to advance his or her career
  • Supporting and encouraging a mentee who has an overwhelming work load
  • Enabling a mentee to cope when career advancement seems slow
  • Enabling a mentee to cope if he or she has reason to believe that colleagues are not pulling their weight equally
  • Taking suitable action if a mentee should be in danger of being depressed
  • Identifying signs and language, and advising a mentee who displays signs of racism
  • Identifying signs and language and advising a mentee who displays signs of sexism
  • Advising a mentee with regard to whistle blowing.

Success factors which can make or break a mentoring programme

To evaluate your mentoring programme, check out our free Success Evaluator. This guide will enable you to see if the mentoring approach in your organisation will be successful. You will be able to gauge immediately if you have all the essential components in place for your mentoring programme to deliver excellent results.

Send me the Self Evaluator. I wish to see if our mentoring approach will work.