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We specialise in training mentors. We also make it possible for mentoring relationships to work excellently in any organisation.


Before embarking on a mentoring programme, consider the following salient points and avoid costly mistakes.

Evaluate the proposed mentoring programme thoroughly before you commit:
Take our quick Success Evaluator to find out whether you’ll be wasting your money on the programme or not.
Ensure that the mentoring programme is structured in such a way that it will achieve the results it set out to do and that it won’t lose momentum:
Typically, mentors and mentees are busy people with hectic schedules. Often, the mentoring programme gets reprioritised or even scrapped. At Mentoring Today, we understand how busy people’s lives are and we have a unique approach that eliminates this problem.
It is vital that the mentor and mentee are well matched and compatible:
When mentors and mentees are not matched well, the lack of similarity can lead to a gradual breakdown in the effectiveness of the relationship.
Have a well-structured and clear agreement in place:
In order for a mentoring programme to be successful, it must deliver on a number of quantifiable milestones. An agreement which includes three specific elements ensures the milestones keep coming up.
Buy-in from both the mentor and the mentee is crucial:
If you don’t have this, the programme is doomed from the start and there will be no progress.
Make sure that the the mentoring service provider you choose takes the time to learn about your specific requirements first:
That way, you will have a perfect match and you won’t have to worry that the mentoring programme is merely a (costly) paper exercise.
It is important that both mentors and mentees are free from burdensome admin
Neither mentors nor mentees enjoy spending time on admin relating to their mentoring relationship. Let mentors play their invaluable role without burdensome paperwork.
It is vital that businesses continue to grow if they wish to remain relevant:
In order to do this, young and upcoming talent needs to be identified and nurtured. A successful mentoring programme will equip and grow people so that they can, in turn, grow others.